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The ideal historical building for any 
occasion in Venice

A historic palace wrapped in an aura of great charm; the first recorded information on the Venetian mansion dates back to a note from Signori di Notte on February 9, 1372. The Palace belonged to the aristocratic Pesaro family, then took the name Ca 'Pesaro Papafava following the marriage between Pesarina Pesaro and Bonifazio Papafava in 1625.

Today the Palace is an ideal venue for any event and ceremony and preserves the charm and prestige of the historic structure intact, that has marked a great location and one of the most powerful families in Venice.

The Palace's architecture

The Palazzo Ca' Pesaro Papafava in Venice is a clear example of interesting art from the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries. The Palace has has Gothic-style arches, characterized by a façade of great richness overlooking the Misericordia canal. With elegant Gothic-style quadriform windows, the residence features characteristic protruding balconies and various balustrades in the form of slim columns.

The Palace is also rich inside, with a ceiling in the Central Room in 'Sansoviniano-style' which was carved at the end of the sixteenth century, while the ceiling painting in the Beatrice room dates back to the early eighteenth century.
vista esterna del palazzo

Our venue & spaces

una sala del palazzo
There are numerous spaces available for guests in the Palace. From the ground floor to the areas of the Noble floor, Palazzo Ca 'Pesaro Papafava is distinguished in offering a unique location of its kind, enriched by a wonderful outdoor garden and an enchanting waterfront.

On the Noble floor, in particular, the space provided is about 350 square meters and includes the rooms Sansovino, Beatrice, Bonifazio and Pesarina for a total capacity of 200 seats, with restrooms. These rooms make the Palace the ideal location for any occasion.
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